Speaking the Language

Well things at the old studio here have been a bit final-result unproductive. I have just been squished between other projects (life) and creating the elements for future final projects. It is a weird feeling…you know in your head that you are making progress, but when you look at your workbench you just don’t see much you can feel a sense of accomplishment about. Pieces of glass here and there, scattered like so much dandelion fluff. (Ahhhh— the stuff we always call “wishes” around here)


Colors and ideas pulling at you, begging for your undivided attention, urging you to toss aside sleep and food so they may live.

I have spent the last 3 days experimenting, puzzling, plotting and planning how best to get the glass to do what I want. It is being stubborn. As am I, I think. And that is probably the coolest part about working with it. You actually have to work WITH it. And you have to figure out HOW to do that because glass doesn’t actually speak and make it easy. It talks in other ways and getting the communication aspect figured out is precious and time-consuming and can lead to a lot of cursing. And a feeling much like this


I shall now go and make a wish on all the dandelion fluff on my workbench that the glass and I get our communication in sync. If only it were as easy as clicking a button….


Enjoy your day and may good red voodoo surround you.