Happy Accidents

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another. There you are, humming right along, working on a project, thinking your master plan is a terrific one…When you open up your kiln, only to find something that bears absolutely no resemblance whatsoever to your original vision. A strange emotion washes over you……

Yeah.. THAT’s the one!

And in those moments, when it is tempting to question the voodoo of the Universe, I am reminded of the late, great Bob Ross painter of “happy trees”. Every time he would say “A nice, old pine tree lives here”, by God, he was right!! He had an incredible way of taking a blank canvas and after 30 minutes, finding all the trees and bushes, streams and rocks that lived there, just out of our initial view. He was always reassuring us, “It’s your world….you can do what you want” and “There are no mistakes…..only happy accidents”. And I believe him.

It is not easy to see a raving disaster in your kiln, feel the panic that goes with it, and know that it truly is a “happy accident”. Having to figure out a new plan is tough. It is a challenge.

And I like challenges.

And I like Bob’s approach to them.

I also like a nice Canadian Mist and Ginger Ale with crushed ice. And usually, that will help with the “raving disaster panic” part….Rarely does it help with the “figure it out” part.

So thank you Bob Ross…..you always offered the best kind of voodoo to the Universe!


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